Oakley Sell-Out Incentive 2017 Terms & Conditions

1. Contest period is between 1st April 2017 to 30th June 2017 2359hr
2. Minimum requirement for the contest is to attend R1(Mar) & R2(May) collection training and sell at least 15pairs of SUN and RX mix.
3. For Lucky Draw 1, minimum requirement is to attend R1 collection training and sell at least 15pairs of SUN and RX mix.
4. Sales must be submitted to www.oakleyreps.com latest by 1st July 2017 2359hr
5. Sales submitted must be inputted accurately with Oakley SKU number and an image of the sales receipt.
6. Only Oakley Sales submitted to www.oakleyreps.com will be valid for this contest.
7. Illegible records or unclear image of the receipts will be deem as an invalid record.
8. Missing receipt image will be deem as invalid
9. Sales performance will be calculated by point system followed by a ratio determined by store location, door tier and past records
10. Vouchers option are only between Travel, Electronic, Fitness and Shopping Mall vouchers and only one type of voucher can be chosen
11. For the 2 monthly lucky draw, each associate can only win once. Associates who did not win at the first draw will be rolled to the 2nd draw.
12. All winners will be announced by 20th July 2017 except winners of the monthly lucky draw will be announced 15 days after the draws.
13. Sales Associates who leaves the company or change to another company before the prize is being deliverd to the store will be disqualified and the prize will be void
14. Prizes are non transferrable nor exchangeable in value or in cash
15. Luxottica South East Asia P/L reserves the right to make any changes withouth prior notification
16. The decision of Luxottica South East Asia P/L on all matters are final and no correspondance will be entertained.